For a long time, Google cloud storage has been running Hadoop that enables developers to perform advanced analytics on its platform. Now Google has developed a connector as it tries to simplify the process of running Hadoop on the cloud platform.

The connector will manage the file and cluster system for the developers in order for them to concentrate on the logic of data processing instead of dealing with the complexity of setting and managing it by themselves.

The Google file system was originally developed in 2003. The file system is now the basis for Hadoop that is managed by Apache. It is an open source computing environment that enables the storage of data on server clusters as small pieces before they are processed to perform data analytics. Companies such as Hortonworks and Cloudera have made Hadoop a diverse ecosystem.

The new connector for Hadoop is primarily based on the Colossus, which is the latest iteration of Google’s cloud storage system. Users are now able to leverage on Google’s expertise in the processing of large data since Hadoop is able to run directly against the cloud storage using a simple connector library.

Hadoop is now one of the leading players in the world of data-analytics. It is a significant technology for companies such as twitter that need to process their data by the petabyte. Traditional organizations are increasingly seeking to make use of Hadoop in order to process unprecedented amounts of data.

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