For the first time ever, an unlimited storage has been offered by a cloud file storage service at entry level prices. Google has released the much anticipated Google Drive for Work which presents unlimited storage for as little as US$10 monthly. Since a Google Drive for Work account with less than five users is limited to 1TB storage as per user, it means that a business may spend up to $50.

The incorporation of Quickoffice into the newly launched Drive grants a user the ability to not only open a Microsoft document, but also make changes to it in its innate format is a major drawcard. These also applies to Power Point and Excel files both in Chrome browser and Android mobile devices on a laptop or desktop computer.

Google is making plans to extend this ability to iOS devices soon.

Two years after its introduction to the market, Google Drive has managed to get more than 190 million users globally.

Google Drive for Work has given more security settings and control to businesses which would like to know who shares files and how. The service gives businesses a chance to share up to 5TB in files for the public to download, comment, edit or simply view.

Google Drive’s compatibility with over and above 40 file formats allows for previewing of PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, videos, images and spreadsheets without the need for extra software.

Another notable alteration to the consumer Google Drive is the full support and stronger security. All files are encrypted when being transferred to the Drive’s cloud data center from the user’s computer and remain encrypted while in storage and even when transferred to any mobile device.


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