Infineon Technologies and Micron Technology have announced a joint-venture to develop high-density subscriber identity module (HD-SIM) cards with a capacity greater than 128MB.

HD-SIMs combine high density with improved security functionality, which the firms say enables operators to offer graphically-rich, value-added services such as mobile banking and contactless mobile ticketing.

Operators are also able to securely update or delete applications through their wireless network while new applications, services and settings can be downloaded or pushed to the HD-SIM at any time.

Working in close technical collaboration, both companies are leveraging their respective expertise to architect modular chip solutions that combine an Infineon security microcontroller with Micron’s NAND flash memory with features designed specifically for HD-SIM applications.

Micron will manufacture the NAND on 50-nanometer (nm) and 34-nm process technology.

Dr. Helmut Gassel, vice president and general manager of the Chip Card and Security division at Infineon Technologies, said: "Infineon envisions a new role of future SIM cards that will be capable of audio and video mass content storage and even Flash card replacement."

Prototypes are expected to be available in the autumn of 2009 and will be sold in die form or in a chip card IC package.

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