Fujitsu has launched a new-generation blade server system as a key part of its global growth program to boost its market share for x86 servers.

The PRIMERGY BX900 is a complete dynamic server infrastructure in a single blade cube.

It has been designed so that users can adapt it dynamically to different IT usage scenarios, which Fijitsu says increases the agility of IT infrastructures while reducing costs.

The company says the server it is built on four guiding principles:

  • a dynamic new power and cooling concept to reduce energy costs
  • improvements in operational performance, through dynamic virtualization
  • delivers unmatched uptime, via dynamic high availability
  • new system architecture offering dynamic scalability

Stanley Payte, product manager, Enterprise Solutions Group, said: "The four guiding principles of the PRIMERGY BX900 design ensure that it meets the needs of datacenter operations where achieving cost savings and increasing IT systems’ agility are immediate concerns."

Fujitsu wants the PRIMERGY BX900 to be the key foundation stone in its global market growth program for x86 servers.

It is spearheading the company’s global growth program to increase its market share for x86 servers, with a worldwide server sales goal of 500,000 units in 2010.

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