3PAR, a provider of utility storage, announced that managed global IT service provider and 3PAR Cloud-Agile partner DataPipe now offers differentiated virtual private array (VPA) and disaster recovery (DR) services as part of their Stratosphere cloud services, which are powered by 3PAR Utility Storage.

DataPipe is the first member of the 3PAR Cloud-Agile program to offer its customers 3PAR Cloud-Agile ASSURED and 3PAR Cloud-Agile SECURED services through this program.

As the company claims, 3PAR Cloud-Agile ASSURED powers DataPipe’s delivery of highly available and flexible business continuance solutions which are easy to use, quick to implement, and require minimal effort to maintain. 3PAR Cloud-Agile ASSURED leverages 3PAR Remote Copy and gives DataPipe the ability to offer cost-effective, flexible, and robust remote data replication, DR, and autonomic data backup to end users.

“With 3PAR and VMware powering Stratosphere, we have been able to extend the value we deliver to our customers and enhance the security, agility, and cost-efficiency of the services we offer,” said Michael Parks, Chief Technology Officer for DataPipe.

He assures that with the new 3PAR cloud service his company offers isolated, secure virtual private array services for performance and security levels previously only available with dedicated hardware, but with a cost structure approaching that of a shared service offering.

DataPipe delivers VPA services as a value-added “shared” hosting option with the security of a dedicated environment. 3PAR Cloud-Agile: SECURED employs the combination of 3PAR Utility Storage and 3PAR Virtual Domains to give DataPipe the ability to deliver high performance levels while providing secure segregation within a shared, virtualized hardware platform that is protected from unauthorized access, monitoring, and control.

“As cloud computing has gained momentum, we’ve seen the spotlight mainly cast on virtual private servers and security concerns at the virtual server level,” said Jeff Boles, Senior Analyst and Director at Taneja Group.

“However, virtual private server deployments are only as secure as the storage foundation upon which they are built. 3PAR Cloud-Agile SECURE enables providers like DataPipe to offer VPA services that ensure security, segregation, and data integrity from the ground up, to complement the security that VMware delivers at the virtual server level,” he added.

According to Parag Patel, vice president of VMware, combining VMware vSphere 4 with private and resilient 3PAR Utility Storage, service providers like DataPipe are able to meet the demand for security and high availability from their customers who utilize services delivered via the cloud.

DataPipe provides custom solutions for complex internet-facing infrastructures, proactively managing security, monitoring, storage, datacenter operations, servers, and applications including database administration and software stack.

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