Dropbox have decided to settle in over 5,0002 m spread over two floors at Hatch Street, Dublin.

They first made public their intention to establish an international office at Dublin in 2012 and they are already making strides by recruiting more staff to increase their number from 15 to over 50 people to advance their business in Europe.

According to Johann Butting, Dropbox country manager, Graduates and newly working people are being absorbed into the organization through the ‘DropBox Associate Programme’ which will train the associates both in Europe and San Francisco. He says that the training will help the new recruits understand and appreciate the organization’s ways of operation.

He pointed out that Dropbox is interested in recruiting people able to analyze things, good communicators or those who just bring excitement into the business with the sales and operations skills most desired. Also, many of the new positions may require knowledge of a main European language.

The small number of staff that Dropbox has enables it to highlight all of them on their website and the company country manager thinks it’s an important strategy in promotion of future employees.

Since its inception in 2009, Dropbox has grown to almost 200 million users notwithstanding its small size. The fact that it is a new organization allows its staff to be more creative in their activities than they would otherwise be in an older organization.

Mr. Butting claims that the significant number of clients that they have in Europe, which is growing fast, is their main reason for setting up office in Europe and not the assumed tax benefits that most international companies seek in Ireland.  According to him, Dropbox are interested in being close to their clients in Europe in order to make their services better.

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