Channel Data has released the REO Business Continuity Appliance (BCA) from its principal, Overland Storage. An ‘all-in-one’ business continuity solution, the REO BCA is designed for both continuous local backup and remote disaster recovery applications.

It is positioned as a flexible data replication solution, enabling automated recovery of mission-critical data and applications at both the local data centre and remote disaster recovery levels.

Kevin Falconer, general manager of Channel Data, says in the past organisations relied on traditional backups/snapshots as the basis for their data protection. "This approach alone is inadequate and susceptible to data loss that can occur between backups. The BCA is designed to ensure that mission-critical data and applications are always protected.”

"Whether you are concerned about email, key business applications such as ERP, databases, or unstructured files, BCA provides both local and remote high-performance continuous data protection based on capacity-optimised replication technology coupled with comprehensive application awareness," says Falconer.

The BCA enables ‘point in time’ restoration as well as event-based restorations to be undertaken. For example, it allows users to tag ‘event’ bookmarks and use them for fast recovery and failover point selection.

“Unlike solutions which simply time-stamp each block to enable restoration to a given point of time, BCA understands the application state, allowing for application consistent restorations,” says the manager of Channel Data.

"This critical difference allows organisations to restore back to a given event or a given point in time – and be assured that the application will restore correctly," he adds.

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