A lot has happened in the world of cloud storage. The market has had room for new vendors like Dump Truck. 2013 saw the launch of new cloud storage devices for industries including EMC, Verizon, Lenovo and Colt Telecom. This shows that vendors expect a huge demand for cloud services. Here are the 2014 predictions for cloud storage.

1. 1.Services are likely to close down their free storage offers

2. Expect a Box and DropBox IPO in 2014

3. Because of the NSA and PRISM debacle, most of the non US companies may want to stop hosting their data from the US.

4. When handling data, most companies are more concerned with security. So, more file sharing outlets are expected to follow the SME’s lead as they try to retrofit auditing or logging in their product offers.

5. More companies are likely to want an encryption of remote data with keys they can control. This may become a part of security playbook for companies.

6. In 2014, companies will expect more from their storage solutions. For example, will these solutions help to solve their business issues, integrate corporate governance and aid in policy implementation?

7. Expect big data to continue dominating hype cycles for the cloud storage vendors and expect a rise in new products as well.

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