ZTE Corporation is promising to reveal a full portfolio of smartphones at the Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona.

All in all, 10 different designs are to go on show, including customised handsets for Vodafone and China Mobile.

The highlight is expected to the the VF 1231 model, which has been developed especially for Vodafone. The smartphone is based on Windows Mobile platform and has a single chip for GSM and EDGE.

Other handsets due to be paraded in Barcelona is the ‘XIANG’ series of 3.5G super slim HSDPA/HSUPA handsets, the e760 (a

ZTE’s e760 smartphone

GSM-based handset custom-made for China Mobile) and the D820/D810 (a CDMA-based handset custom-made for China Telecom).

Also expected to go on show is the U981, a top-end smartphone that was deployed by China Mobile during the Beijing Olympic Games.

Xiong Hui, vice president of handset division of ZTE Corporation, said the demand for smartphones has reached the point where they are no longer seen as a luxury or a strictly work-related item.

He said ZTE recognised this trend early on and invested in developing a range of smartphones.

"ZTE is meeting the specific requirements of leading mobile operators such as Vodafone and China Mobile, and helping smartphones become a popular item worldwide," he said.

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