Neotel showcased and demonstrated various telecommunication products for the African market at Wireless Broadband World Africa 2009, the continent’s flagship Wireless broadband event held recently.

The key technology showcased at this event was the CDMA2000 1x-EvDO and is the most widely deployed of the global 3G standards today.

According to Chief technology Officer at Neotel, Dr. Angus Hay, the new technology has been well received by the market and offer faster internet
connection better than other technologies on the market in South Africa.

"This technology is faster than the ADSL it’s reliable and offers total solutions to connectivity," he said.

The CDMA 2000 1 offers a smooth migration path from basic voice to high-speed internet through EV-DO, offering peak data speeds of 2.4 megabits
per second (average data speeds 400-600 kilobits per second).

CDMA2000 1x-EvDO provides a satisfactory customer experience for all standard internet usage, including sending/receiving emails, browsing the internet,
and downloading content as well as applications.

According to Dr Hay, Neotel plans to continue delivering leading-edge technology to suit the editorneeds of its customers, and its choice of the CDMA2000 1x-EvDO technology reflects this principle.

Evolutions of CDMA2000 1x-EvDO technology are already in the pipe-line, with EV-DO Rev A offering peak 3.1 megabits per second, EV-DO Rev B in the near future which will deliver peak speeds in the region of 15 megabits per second and EV-DO Rev C in the longer term, which will deliver peak speeds of over 70 megabits per second.

Dr. Hay also emphasized that the laying of fibre cable which is set to cover a distance of 5 000km, connecting major centres across South Africa is proceeding earnestly will be complete by 2010.

The optic fibre network will provide Neotel, Vodacom and MTN with almost infinite bandwidth capacity to carry more information – voice and data – at
higher speeds over greater distances using far less power than copper cables.

The deployment of high-speed, quality voice and data transmission is of importance for the industry to remain competitive.

Neotel is South Africa’s first converged Telecommunications network operator that aims to reduce the cost of doing business by enhancing the operational
efficiencies of companies through the optimal use of advanced communications technologies.

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