It’s one thing to hear the corporate blurb about a product, quite another to hear company executives’ experience of using their own gear.

Sean O’Leary, TapRoot Systems’ VP of marketing and business development, has just spent a week touring Europe relying on his company’s WalkingHotSpot software for internet connectivity.

Launched six months ago as a beta version, the ability of the software to transform Windows Mobile 6 and S60 3G/Wi-Fi handsets into walking “hotspots” has proved very popular.

The application is capable of tethering up to five devices through a Wi-Fi enabled smartphone.

Users can retrieve emails and surf the web on devices such as laptops and MP3 players using their handsets’ wireless data plan without the need for the added expense of data cards and dongles.

While O’Leary was never going to be the most neutral of critics there’s no doubt he is more than pleased with the success of his first hand exposure to the application.

“Even using it on trains around Europe it worked seamlessly and there was never any problem with connecting,” he told at the Smartphone Show in London.

While 30 per cent of software downloads have been in the US, Europe hasn’t been slow to catch on to the advantages of WalkingHotSpot.

O’Leary said it was possible to make calls while devices were connected without any degradation in quality for either the devices or the phone call.

The software is available to download for either a one-time fee of USD $24.99 (€18) for the lifetime of the phone or as a monthly plan for USD $6.99 (€5).

O’Leary said support for other major operating systems is coming soon.

To owners of iPhones just being able to easily hook up one device to their handsets would be ample.

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