VIDEO INTERVIEW. WellDoc was a pleasant surprise at the Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona, they are a US based Health Technology company that have developed mobile phone support for chronic diseases.

They started in the area of diabetes and have developed expertise in other diseases, what they offer is a mobile phone interactive log that contains the patients medical history and a medical information that the patient updates regularly. The system contains tips on health care and coaches the patient on how best to proceed.

For example if a diabetic decides to have a late breakfast, they can input their current sugar level into the phone, who in turn has a history of the patient in its system and can indicate which would be the best meal to have, 15 minutes latter it will remind the patient to have another check on blood sugar level.

They have just finished a clinical trial at the University of Maryland, results will be published in summer 2010, and they are currently talking with various countries in order to adapt their technology to local needs.

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