The top three hot issues being debated on the web and mobility scene today are:

• The European venture capital funding model under revision – how will that effect web and mobility start ups?
• Constantly evolving media channels.
• Advertising revenues and payment for content.

The second Web and Mobility Summit, (Montreux, 18-19 November) will attack those issues with a series of panels and keynotes, while the 25 top European web and mobility start-ups will be there to present to VCs and business angels. A hand-picked delegation of industry leaders, service providers and academics will also attend.

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The 25 selected Start-ups, to be announced at the Summit itself, will come from some of the strongholds of the European scene, such as mobile social networks, mobile publishing, adserving and gaming, as well as Ecommerce, E-business, payment and billing.

The Start-Up Selection Process

Companies based or incubated in Europe, Israel and Russia are eligible to participate in the Summit. They submit a full company profile and their latest business plan as well as a draft presentation. Each submission is then reviewed by two members of the selection committee, comprised of 20 senior-level business leaders from various backgrounds including venture capital, technology, research and economic promotion.

Summit President

The Web & Mobility Summit President (also CEO of Result), Robert Lang commented, “Europe has been a powerhouse of ideas and concepts for a very long time, but many ideas have been slowed down by small home markets or lack of entrepreneurial spirit. In the field of mobility particularly, there are still many hidden gems in Europe who work in one market and are just waiting to be released worldwide.”

Summit Organisers

European Tech Tour
(ETT), is an independent, not-for-profit organisation which recognises that continued prosperity in Europe lies in its ability to transform today’s innovative projects into tomorrow’s global technology leaders. Its goal is to promote European entrepreneurship and provide a platform for entrepreneurs and investors to meet, ideally leading to funding or facilitation of high technology companies looking to expand internationally.

The Association organizes four country specific tours per year to identify the best emerging companies in a geographical region, as well as two vertical industry events to capture the most innovative European companies in a specific industry segment, such as Semiconductor, Cleantech, Medtech and Web & Mobility.

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