According to new IHS Screen Digest research, mobile gambling market in the UK witnessed two times  growth in the 2010 when compared with the 2009 figures.

Mobile gambling in the UK is widely popular as online wagering, and this gambling happens completely through communications medium such as telephone, television and the internet.

The net mobile gambling revenue recorded in the year 2010 as 41 million pounds, which is more than double to the business turned out in the year 2009 as 19 million pounds. The participation percentage is also increased widely according to the research report, which mentioned it as 13.7% against the 9.8% in the year 2007.

The 2005 U.K. gambling act was successfully implemented in the year 2007 and made this mobile gambling completely legitimate. This legitimate gambling started to advertise their activities in the television and radio successfully. Past twelve months this gambling market witnessed significant increase in spending money over these advertisements. In addition to this, latest smartphones’ accessibility to the internet helped well to increase this participation in  the UK to a major extent.

The current 4G and advanced features in the samrtphone making them more appropriate for smart wagering in the UK. This is clearly distinguishing the today’s mobile gambler completely away from the one that was five years ago. As further step in this aspect, some of the special smartphone apps are ventured into the market that is exclusively designed for the smart wagering.  All these situations are clearly indicating the further growth to this market in the year 2011.

The current mobile gambling, or mobile betting or mobile wagering is completely different from earlier. The research mentioned that this gambling is expected to grow further and online user’s average revenue per user will witness significant growth by 10 to 20 percent in the coming two years. Now, the bet stakes are collected from the user’s account balance like Amazon and PayPal. This trend is indicating that the pretty soon mobile operators will turn into billing centers for this mobile wagering.

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