Changing trends and interests got a lot of influence over the smartphone design and features. This kind of situation is asking all the techies a question "How the future smartphone will look like?" What kind of role these future smartphone going to occupy in people’s lives? There are many astonishing and interesting answers to summarize. Some of the creative minds come up with more imaginations in this aspect.

One creative idea mentioned that the future smartphone should be simple and small. It should be thinner to fit all the needs like in the above picture.

Another creative imagination said this future smartphone should be a central device in the all people’s daily routines. Functionality is needed to be improved more than what it is now. It should replace successfully the tablet PC, smartphone and PC. It should also serve as a passport, credit card and universal key .

There are many ideas to list out, a few of them are mentioning the necessity for the smartphones to be eco-friendly and a few suggest that the future smartphone should be a transparent tool for all the daily routines.

Already some of the popular mobile phone manufacturers such as Ericsson and Nokia are on the latest designs and prototypes, but failing to reach the breakout products and endeavors of few such as Apple through their prototypes.

There are two promising ideas that are truly captivating and promise something exciting for all the smartphone enthusiasts. Let us see whether Apple or some other manufacturer will come up with such kind of idea in the nearby future.

There are two winning concepts we are interested to share with you. This first idea is showcasing a “Roundphone” concept which uses holographic projections as a screen.

The device is described as "the future perfect smartphone idea for us all". We have to admit this is truly captivating to call through hologram.

The second concept video is showcasing a “Flexphone”, which is a complete folding screen device. Flexible OLED technology would be most ideal for this concept.

[via: eyeka]

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