TextMagic, a provider of online text messaging solutions for businesses, developers and consumers, announced the release of its new Bulk SMS Gateway API.

The company claims it will facilitate innovation by developers to integrate text messaging services into new and existing web and back-office custom applications, potentially reaching more than three billion active SMS text message service users.

Developers can connect to TextMagic’s Bulk SMS Gateway using the HTTP API or Email to SMS service. To help developers new to TextMagic’s software and framework, the company has published a detailed, searchable online manual available here.

“TextMagic’s SMS Gateway API now helps developers capitalize on the continually expanding text messaging market by allowing them to enhance existing applications or create new custom text messaging applications to cost-effectively send and receive SMS messages, check the delivery status of text messages previously sent and more,” said Priit Vaikmaa, marketing manager of TextMagic Ltd.

Developers can also send large group text messages, build 2 Way SMS systems, communicate in any language and create sub-accounts to manage multiple API users, among other capabilities.

In addition to the release of the new API, TextMagic is further facilitating the integration of text messaging into software applications with the release of open-source client libraries prepared for Java, Ruby, Python, Perl and PHP. The libraries take over the responsibility of communication with the API and serve as text messaging middleware which is both well documented and easy to install. Thee initiative will be soon extended to other popular programming languages.

To begin using the TextMagic Bulk SMS Gateway API, developers can apply for a free trial, or buy SMS credits at https://www.textmagic.com/products/api.

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