Today, as the first operator in the world, TeliaSonera launched 4G services commercially to customers in Stockholm, Sweden and Oslo, Norway.

The two pioneering 4G city networks cover the central city areas and will be used for mobile data.

The Stockholm 4G network is supplied by Ericsson and the Oslo’s by Huawei. The modems at launch come from Samsung.

According to Kenneth Karlberg, President and Head of Mobility Services at TeliaSonera, the use of mobile broadband in the Nordic countries is exploding and customers need higher speeds and capacity.

“This is why we launch 4G services in both Stockholm and Oslo. We are very proud to be the first operator in the world to offer our customers 4G services," he said.

TeliaSonera has three nation wide 4G/LTE licenses; in Sweden, Norway and also recently in Finland. The network roll out is in progress to offer 4G to Sweden’s and Norway’s largest cities, as the company claims.

The firm also informed that evaluation of suppliers for TeliaSonera’s common 4G core network and radio networks in the Nordic and Baltic countries is in progress and vendors will be selected in the beginning of 2010.

4G is the fastest mobile technology available on the market, with speeds up to ten times higher than today’s turbo 3G.

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