More than 200,000 units of iPhone 4S, the world’s leading smartphone, have been sold following its release into the market in the past week, and sales worldwide are still picking up. Just what is it about smartphones today that make them the hottest item in the global shopping list?

Market analysts this week indicated that the success of the leading smartphones available today may be attributed to the specialized niche for the product created by Apple when the company launched its first iPhone model in 2007. The researchers pointed out that smartphones were not an invention of Apple; the device has been in the market for a couple of years before the 2007 iPhone launch.

However, the iPhone defined the smartphones once and for all: hands down, it became the most dramatic universal device ever invented as the human race left the old and entered the new millennium.

So many things can be said about this gadget and still leave so many things unsaid. The most recent studies showed that the smartphone is so common, in fact, so universal that it became as vital as breathing and as handy as a handkerchief.

The growth of the smartphone market is due to the astonishing uniqueness of the device. Unlike any telephone ever invented, it has an entirely new name which describes its singular position as THE as a communications device of the day.

There are currently scores of smartphone models from the four biggest cellular phone manufacturers worldwide, excluding knockoffs and imitations (of questionable quality and origin) from Asia. While the cell phone and the smartphone are essentially both hand-held wireless telephones to allow one to communicate with anyone anywhere in the world so easily and so inexpensively, smartphones occupy their own unassailable niche. Smart-phones are basically hand-held, pocket computers with features and capabilities far and away more superior to their older cellular phone cousins.

The future of the smartphone remains awesomely bright, as technologies it thrust into the spotlight are further perfected such as its multi-touch screen that dispensed with the keyboard and its walk-around computer feature that makes smart-phones so updatable.

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