The growing number of WiFi enabled smartphones appears to be spurring WeFi Inc on to greater things.

The community-based global Wi-Fi network says it has now amassed over one million users in 215 countries, with an increasing number coming from mobile devices.

WeFi, which recently added Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms to its Wi-Fi-connection service, also reported that it now has 10 million discovered hotspots.

A statement said this makes it the largest virtual global Wi-Fi network, and the largest worldwide map of Wi-Fi access points available today.

WeFi offers free downloadable software that enables automatic connection to the best Wi-Fi hotspot available.

As well as Symbian and Windows Mobile, it has versions available for PCs and Macs, and has gained in popularity as more mobile devices become Wi-Fi compatible.

In addition to gaining access to hotspots, members of the WeFi community are invited to map and rank open hotspots in any given location around the world, forming an aggregate picture of all the available Wi-Fi connections.

Zur Feldman, CEO of WeFi, said the one million users demonstrated the rapid growth in users, located all across the world.

"WeFi has been successful in being able to give our users the ability to add hotspots themselves and to share them with others," he said.

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