Samsung has indicated that it is going to release a smartphone with curved displays in October. This is a revolutionary invention that is meant to segment its lead in the increasingly saturated market.

The curved display is at the nascent stage that is shifting towards flexible displays that can even be folded. In January, Samsung released a prototype of products with flexible screens. However, it is faced with tremendous challenges in making other handset components such as batteries which can bed with the rest of the gadget.

Curved displays are available in large screen televisions released by companies such as Samsung and LG. They are set to offer immense viewing but come at a significantly higher cost.

In its quest to break new ground, Samsung early this month released the galaxy gear smart watch. It can take photos, and videos, check emails as well as make calls.

The next frontier in consumer electronics is meant to be wearable computing, which includes goggle’s smart glasses.

Samsungs watch received some scathing reviews and complains such as it only works together with the oversized Samsung Galaxy note III. However, Samsung is confident that critics will be won over when the gear and Galaxy note III are released in at the end of October.

Image: IBTimes

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