Skydeck has launched a feature-packed beta that syncs what takes place on cell phones to a web page.

The mobile startup’s offering lists all contacts, received calls, missed calls, voicemails and text messages.

So much so that the company is calling the new Skydeck "your cell phone, online".

Previously, Skydeck’s beta used mobile phone bills to display real social network based on numbers called the most.

Now users can listen to voicemails from their browsers or read a transcribed version of each voicemail (via SpinVox).

The online service also allows users to search all voicemails and text messages.

Replies to messages can be sent from a browser, with all the calls appearing to come from the user’s cell phone number.

It functions best on Blackberry and Android phones with full support for Windows Mobile coming soon, but most of the features work on nearly any handset.

Currently only available in the US, the service costs from USD $9.95 a month, with calls through a PC costing USD $0.03 a minute, plus USD $0.20 for each transcribed voicemail.

For USD $29.95 a month users get unlimited PC phone calls and transcriptions.

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