Samsung has announced the newest handset in the Galaxy range. Samsung Galaxy Pocket, with Android 2.3 it is wanted to be an affordable smartphone. With a thickness of 11,98 mm, weighing only 97 grams and featuring a 2.8-inch display, the device remains portable, ensuring at the same time, the best viewing experience of content and images.

The updated user interface – TouchWiz – features an improved navigation system, providing handy shortcuts for the frequently used functions. Also, thanks to the improved writing function, users can easily browse the Web or write messages faster.

The device has 3GB memory for applications, MP3 files, photos and other media materials as well as an integrated FM radio, which gives the ability to listen to the favorite radio stations. The integrated high-speed Wi-Fi and the HSDPA 3.6 connectivity, provides a Web browsing experience without delay and fast downloading of multimedia content.

Samsung Galaxy Pocket provides quick sharing of content through the features responsible for communication and access to social networks. However, the platform Samsung ChatON, available in Samsung Apps, it connects all users in a single community, offering them instant messaging, group chat and content transmission in multiple formats, making communication simpler and more intuitive. At the same time, the already well-known Samsung service, Social Hub, gives users the possibility of storing messages, social networks and e-mails in a single Inbox, making the service easier to use.

We could say that these are minimum requirements for an Android smartphone. The small screen has a QVGA resolution, which does not encourage browsing the Internet. It’s 2-megapixel camera stresses the fact that Samsung Galaxy Pocket is an affordable smartphone.

In what concerns the price, the Koreans have not announced it, but say it will be very affordable. It will compete with LG Optimus L3, an entry-level smartphone recently presented at MWC 2012. On the other hand, the comparable models from Sony Ericsson and HTC come with a higher resolution screen and superior specifications.

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