Samsung continues to break records. After announcing a few days ago that it had sold 120,000 copies of the super-phone Galaxy S II only in South Korea, now Samsung makes public the real number of the preorders.

According to the company, we are talking about 3 million people worldwide who had pre-ordered the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy S II at the end of April, when it was released in Korea.

The Korean electronics giant says the 3-million demand is so unprecedented, the pre-orders being made before the official launch of its first dual-core Android. For comparison, it should be noted that the first Galaxy S has been sold in 10 million copies, so this 3m-demand is very huge. In addition, the demand is expected to continue its growth, since the phone will be launched in 120 countries worldwide.

According to the analyses, in the current pace, the rapid increase in demand for Samsung smartphones continues to threaten companies like Apple or Nokia. Samsung Galaxy S II is the world’s first phone with a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen.

However, the demand for this new smartphone could be overtaken by the launching of the new HTC Sensation in summer or by the launching of the new iPhone in September this year.

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