Samsung Galaxy Note II has already been a successful smartphone, since it has already sold 3 million units in just a month from its release. In fact, Samsung announced that it took Galaxy Note II just 37 days to reach the 3 million milestone, which is obviously a success for the brand. However, Apple's fans might say that iPhone 5 sold 5 million units in just 2 days, which raises the competition level even more between the two companies.

Samsung Galaxy Note II has been one of the first smartphones that came with a 5.6-inch screen and became popular as one of the best "phablets" (phone and tablet) in the market. Although some were cautious about its sales due to its relatively large screen, which might have been uncomfortable in holding it, the numbers show that people like having a smartphone with a big screen. Even iPhone 5 slightly expanded its screen, which proves that the new trend is turning into phablet, instead of a simple smartphone.

Samsung must feel really proud about their recent sales, since they topped the smartphone market in the third quarter between July and September, reaching the 56.3 sales. Now that we are approaching the Christmas holiday Samsung knows very well the importance of performing well in the last quarter of the year and all the bets are placed on Galaxy Note II, along with Galaxy S III. However, with iPhone 5 on the market, who will make the ultimate win of the year, topping the fourth quarter's sales? We just have to wait and see.

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