Canadian manufacturer Research in Motion has introduced on Wednesday three new Blackberry models: Torch 9810, Torch 9860 and Bold 9900.

The new phones, along with an upgrade of Bold unveiled just few days ago, are part of what the Canadian company calls "the biggest global launch of the company”. This way, RIM is trying to regain its market share in the U.S., the region where the company lost ground to Apple's iPhone and to the numerous models with Google Android.

The three terminals with touchscreen that are running on BlackBerry OS 7, have improved screens and 1.2 GHz Qualcomm processor – which is actually the most powerful  in a Canadian phone. This will be launched globally by the end of August.

The browser of the new phones is up to 40% faster than that running on the oldest Torch model.

The much coveted BlackBerry Torch 9810, also known as the Torch 2, has also appeared today on AT&T site, the largest mobile network in the United States. The device runs the new BlackBerry OS 7 and supports ultra-fast 4G connectivity.

Information on the official AT&T website in connection with the device with removable keyboard shows a significant improvement of the hardware part compared to the first Torch. Blackberry Torch 9810 has a 1.2 GHz processor, 8GB of internal memory (the ability to expand its storage up to 32GB) and 4G support, which offers the fastest Internet connection speeds for smartphones.

Regarding the software, the model will run, as expected, the BlackBerry operating system 7.

BlackBerry Torch 9810 will be available "soon" in AT&T.

RIM shipped 13.2 million phones in three months that ended in May, the first drop in sales since mid-2007.

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