Research in Motion, the company producing Blackberry devices, has announced yesterday that is to fire 2000 employees. The measure taken by RIM represents another proof of the delicate situation of the Canadian company. RIM has also announced yesterday on Twitter that today will post new about the two Blackberry smartphones running on the OS 7.

Personnel cuts, which amount less than 10% of the total number of employees, has decreased the number of employees from Research in Motion to about 17,000 workers. The main reason for the dismissals remains the disappointing sales and the loss of a significant segment of customers who switched to Apple or Android devices.

RIM said that these redundancies are, however, part of a program of internal reorganization, in order to focus the company’s direction on future projects. The program of "costs optimization" will focus on meeting the strategic plan to become again a serious trademark on the smartphone market.

The current objective of the Canadian company is to launch 7 Blackberry smartphones, running on the OS 7, by the end of the year and it seems that two of them are about to be launched sooner as expected.

Research in Motion has announced on their official Twitter page that will post, on Tuesday, details about the new Blackberry devices running on OS 7. The tweet in cause said “You got it! New Blackberry devices are coming with our new OS Blackberry 7!” The other message posted on Blackberry’s official Facebook page was saying the same thing, but in a more enigmatic way.

These two messages have put on fire the company's fans community in Canada and started a stream of rumors on the sites of specialty. However, one thing is certain: the new Bold and Torch smartphones are on the horizon, most likely the models BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 and BlackBerry Torch 9810.

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