Seventy-five per cent of travellers would never use a mobile phone during a flight, according to a survey by Wanderlust Magazine.

High in-flight charges and the irritation of having fellow passengers make irritatingly “pointless” calls in a confined space were among the main reasons for not allowing mobiles to be used.

The poll comes as Ryanair announces that passengers will shortly be able to make mobile calls during flights.

In March, Emirates became the first commercial airline to allow mobile calls during flights. The airline says the average call costs more than USD $3.50 a minute.

The poll of over 1000 of the magazine’s readers, showed that three-quarters of respondents (76%) said that they would never use a mobile phone in the air.

Only 2% of those questioned said that they would happily use their phone on a plane regularly and 17% said they might be tempted, but only if they were delayed.

Dan Linstead, editor of Wanderlust said: “The message from our readers, who are all seasoned travellers, is loud and clear.
“Planes are one of the last sacred mobile-free havens and they want it to stay that way – let’s hope the airlines start listening.”

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