Mobile application stores are becoming ten-a-penny these days, what with Nokia’s Ovi Store set to launch within a month and Palm’s App Catalog expected with the eagerly-anticipated arrival of the Pre (next month?).

But as the potential market for app developers expands, how do the six "stores" (iPhone App Store, Android App Market, BlackBerry App World, Windows Mobile Marketplace, Nokia Ovi Store and Palm App Catalog) compare?

Gizmodo has done a good job on listing the pros and cons of each mobile OS’s offerings, including providing a point-by-point comparison table.

While its review doesn’t come down in anyone’s favor, it does highlight some of the lesser known issues facing newcomers.

So while information is still scare on Palm’s App Catalog, what is certain is that it will only be dishing out locally-stored web apps – not local natively running apps.

As Gizmodo points out, this is likely to have strong influence on the nature and quality of the apps that are listed in the store.

Just as influencial is Apple’s App store, which has just clocked up it’s billionth download.

It remains the one to watch – and based on Gizmodo’s comparisions – copy.

We’d be interested to hear your comments on how Apple’s rivals are faring in their bids to develop worthy competitor mobile app outlets.

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