Nokia may lead the world in smartphone mobile ad traffic rankings but iPhone fastest growing device

Smartphones accounted for 25.8 per cent of worldwide mobile ad traffic in August, up 3.4 per cent since May 2008, according to AdMob’s August 2008 Mobile Metrics Report.

Nokia dominates globally, with a 62.4 per cent slice of the traffic in August and more than 50 per cent in every region except North America. In the US, where Nokia does not have a top 20 ranked smartphone, RIM rules the roost.

The Canadian company has 31.2 per cent of US smartphone traffic and manufactures three of the top 10 devices.

According to the report, the Apple iPhone was the fastest growing device in the world last month and ended August with more than 2.9 million ad requests per day.

AdMob stores and analyzes data from every ad request, impression and click and uses this information to optimize ad matching.
In the latest report, AdMob has highlighted the rapid and global growth of smartphone usage.

The anticipated launch of new smartphones in the coming months, including the first of Google’s Android phones, the RIM Bold, and the Nokia N96, is a strong indication that this growth is likely to continue throughout the year.

According to the report, the iPhone ended August with more than 2.9 million requests per day.

The top five smartphones in the US – the BlackBerry Pearl, Palm Centro, BlackBerry Curve, Apple iPhone, and Samsung Instinct – generated 12.9 per cent of all US traffic in August, a 2.4 per cent increase over July.

Other highlights from the August 2008 report:

* RIM is in second place worldwide with 10.8 per cent of smartphone traffic with the large majority of that coming from North America.

* Motorola and SonyEriccson have a large share of overall mobile traffic, but neither has a smartphone ranked in the top 20 worldwide.

* Smartphones continue to increase marketshare in the US, accounting for 23.7 per cent of traffic in August, up 3.5 percent since May 2008.

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