The new Boeing high security smartphone ‘Black’ targets clients from the security and defense industry. Boeing, which is traditionally a satellite, fighter jet and airliners manufacturer, now wants to venture into the cell phone industry.

According to the company, the high security smartphone that Boeing has created is specially designed for United States security and defense organs.

Very little information has been revealed about Boeing’s Black smartphone but it is known that the phone uses an Android OS to run, has a self destruct mechanism and has an option for encrypted storage to save sensitive data. The self destruct is said to activate if a person tries to tamper with the device. All the information and software on the device is erased, making the phone un-usable.

According to Boeing’s company spokes woman, Becky Yeamans, Boeing made this smartphone with an aim of solving the emerging needs of the security and defense community. The smartphone will enable secure communication and data transfer over a mobile device, which is quite impressive.

There is a pressing need for secure means of transferring intelligence and sensitive data among soldiers and defense personnel, which has led to development of mobile apps that serve that purpose by defense contractors and software companies. Tests are also being conducted on smart devices to find those that are best suited for all branched of the military.

A promotion video on the Chicago based company website reveals that the Black smartphone contains sophisticated biometric and location tracking sensors and has the ability to pass information through satellite transceivers and discrete radio channels.

It is not yet clear when the smartphone can be accessed by its targeted customers or how much it will cost

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