If you are keen in preserving your privacy, then you should definitely be weary of the mSpy app. When installed on an iOS or Android device, the app can track phone records, keyboard strokes and location data in the background without your knowledge.

It is specially designed for legal monitoring use, and there are legitimate reasons for installing it if you intend to use it for legal matters. For instance, companies can use the app for monitoring company phones for security purposes. Parents can also use the app for monitoring the usage of devices that they give their children.

The app dances around the issue of legal surveillance and has a disclaimer stating that it is intended for use by companies or parents who own or have legal consent for monitoring. The disclaimer further indicates that the users of such devices should be notified that they are under surveillance.

However, on mSpy’s website, you can also see that it is indicated as a bugging tool for gathering evidence from a phone. It further ominously refers the tapped phone as the target and states that the app is 100% undetectable. However, this information is not necessary if users are informed that they are being monitored.

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