Google owned Motorola mobility handset maker is still struggling to find its niche in the smartphone market. Sales of its high-end smartphone Moto X have not been very impressive. Now the company intends to target the low end market with a cheap phone. However, this comes with a limitation since the phone will not be available in China, the worlds lading low end smartphone market.

The company announced the low-end smartphone on Wednesday and it is set to retail at $180 without a contract. Motorola believes that it appeal to people in emerging markets like Chile, Brazil and Peru, with a combined population of 500 million potential customers.

Much of its appeal is poised to come from Google’s Internet services embedded on the smartphone. The phone would be much less smart in china which blocks much of Google’s services including Google play.

Motorola’s CEO Dennis Woodside said that the company’s ability to compete in china is a bit constrained and the smartphone will not be offered in the country initially.Motorola is confident enough that the smartphone will appeal to a large number of people outside China to make it successful.

Unlike other low end smartphones in the market, the Moto G will have a 4.5-inch high-resolution screen and will also run the latest android software. However, there will also be some tradeoffs that come with the low cost smartphone. Moto G will be 5 ounces heavier than many popular smartphones.

Motorola indicates that it will sell the Moto G at a profit and the phone is expected to hit the shelves in Brazil and parts of Europe on Wednesday and then reach US, India and other parts of Asia on January.

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