Nokia has decided to create a lower cost phone, Nokia 105, aiming at those that still purchase a phone for calls and texts.

While we are all discussing the latest smartphones by Apple and Samsung and whether we should prefer iOS, Android, BB10 or WP8, Nokia is approaching a different type of customers, the ones that are unwilling to pay a fortune for a phone. Thus, they created a $20 device, which was presented at this year's Mobile World Congress and has already been discussed a lot..

Nokia 105 does not impress you with its specs, but you can use it for calls, texts, alarm, FM radio and flashlight. What's more, its battery life lasts for 35 days, which is really impressive on its own, and it has a resistant keypad to endure in scratches and dust. Nokia 105 is expected during the following months in many countries, starting from China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Russia, Vietnam and other markets in Africa, Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Europe.

As you may notice, their target audience is not the U.S., they are not even including them for now, but the emerging markets that are still not under the hype of the latest trending smartphones. Hence, they are trying to win a new territory, hoping that they will remain loyal to Nokia for their future purchases, too. After all, there are still so many people out there, even in Europe, that do not use their phones extensively and would find the price of the Nokia 105 tempting.

According to Stephen Elop, the CEO of Nokia:

"There's a very large number of inexpensive and largely undifferentiated devices. We believe we have to offer differentiation at each price point."

It seems like smart move for Nokia and it could be the chance for them to rebound on the smartphone market.

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