Improvements in call quality and economic conditions are doing wonders for global demand for videoconferencing – and in particular desktop video calling.

But the day when globe-trotting executives hook up to a video conference call on their smartphone would still appear to be a little way off.

Linor Shachar, VP sales and marketing for videoconferencing experts Emblaze VCON, said video over mobile had had limited success so far.

"People are refusing to have a video call over mobile," she said. "It’s still not there in terms of end-user quality.

"For the user it’s very annoying, so people tend to give up very quickly."

Shachar said issues such as being to able to deliver the service over all types of phone and the cost of making video calls would remain barriers to the adoption of mobile videoconferencing.

"Once you get over these, I’m sure people will be ready to try mobile video call. I am sure it will get there," she said.

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