A paradigm shift in information communication technology is set to address security threats and concerns in Africa and the world at large, a senior official has said.

In an interview, AXSionics founding president, Alain Rollier, said his company was bringing a new innovative security system aimed at addressing insecurity in technological business with respect to mobile phones, computing and financial sector (banking).

“The system we are bringing to the market is a paradigm shift in security – it reduces cost for all service providers while increasing security to a level where attacks become unattractive to cyber-criminals.

“In addition, it has an attractive business model. For the user it is very convenient. For once we have security implemented in a way that makes life easy for the users! As always with anything new, there is a certain time required to get the message across.

Alain Rollier

“We are happy with the progress we have made and more importantly so are our customers who benefit from our solutions and are our greatest advocates,” said Rollier.

While installation of mobile security product appears to be more vital, Rollier said his main concern, particularly in the use of smartphones, was the issue of data held within the phone.

Rollier cited examples of enterprise data such as e-Banking, commerce transactions, identity data and the whole host of username/password combinations that are available and which could be accessed and used by cyber-criminals, as areas of concern.

Admittedly, mobile security product, according to Rollier, was one part of the solution to fears of insecurity on these new technological devices.

Rollier said smartphones had all the issues around security that a pc or laptop has, adding that a couple more came from the additional interfaces such as SMSes and SIM cards.

“By nature, having a lot of interfaces is not helping to secure devices. One challenge is to have two independent channels on the same device – internet browser and communication.

“I think a shift in thinking is required. The smartphone, laptop or pc will always be impossible to fully secure. The question we have to answer is ‘how do we make sure that identities and transactions are always secure when this is the case’.

“This is what has driven our thinking at AXSionics, and we have developed a solution that provides this security regardless of how insecure all the elements in the chain are,” said Rollier.

However, Rollier was boastful about the new technology security software system, saying his company – AXSionics – had recently won several awards for its innovation, concept and design.

Among the top technology and innovative awards were the Red Dot Design Award, the Red Herring Hot 100 Europe Award and the European Innovation Award in Identity Management.

“Despite our newness, it is currently in use in a number of high security areas including defence and in volume use in retail banking.

“It has many innovations built in to ensure it is scalable, easy to use and convenient…as well as ensuring the smartphone, laptop or pc is highly secure for security conscious transactions, regardless of how hostile the overall environment might be,” said Rollier.

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