Doing business on the web is vital, the next major step is doing business on the go, and that requires mobility.

Mobile content is catapulting companies into an entirely new market of individuals consuming content as they move from place to place. Companies making their content mobile are seeing huge results compared to those that have not taken that step.

Peperoni Mobile & Internet Software is a company that is offering a complete mobile solution for businesses. Their site states that “Peperoni develops and operates solutions for mobile communities, online shops and individual software solutions.” recently had the pleasure of interviewing Marcus Ladwig, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Peperoni and discussing the use of mobility services, how businesses are expanding, and what the future has in store for businesses and Peperoni alike. Share with us a little about Peperoni Mobile & Internet Software and what mobile platforms you support.

Marcus Ladwig: Peperoni is a Wireless Application Service Provider focused on Mobile Web 2.0 applications. Our mobile social networking and site building platform works browser-based and is supported by a number of small clients. This means that anyone with a mobile internet-enabled handset can use our services via the built-in WAP or WWW browser. It does not matter what make and model the handset is – our platform automatically selects the optimum display available for that device to make best use of its capabilities. is available both in WAP and Web and supports 11 languages right now. It’s really a worldwide service.

Marcus Ladwig

What type of business can be done via your platform and when a company would consider using your services? offers advertisement slots all over the platform. Companies can reach their target audience easily by advertising to our mobile social services and tap into formerly unaddressed target audiences. We offer attractive CPM and CPC advertisement models and we are open for sponsorships, whether for particular devices or in certain sections of the platform.

Share with us your thoughts on the explosion of the mobile market.

With more and more web services offering mobile extensions and more web-centric people becoming aware of the mobile world, the market is growing at a rapid pace. What’s also important is that all participants in the mobile market make clear what their USP is in mobile and what kind of audience they are addressing. But it’s good to be finally taken serious as an industry sector.

Do you see the future of business being handled more on mobile devices, as opposed to computers and laptops, or do you see mobile devices only remaining as a supplementary tool to existing platforms?

I don’t think it’s a question of either this or that – mobile and PC are two different worlds and like with TV and PC business, there are and will be brands that are successful on TV, others are on PC’s and there are those that make use of both media. But there will always be a particular medium firstly associated with it. For example, CNN is a TV station but also has a sophisticated website. EBAY is a website but has a mobile extension. peperonity is a mobile platform with a web interface and so on. Mobile is the 4th screen besides Print, TV and Online and therefore, cross-media brands will need to include mobile into their portfolio in order to be taken seriously …

How do you compare business done via mobile devices between Europe, Asia, and the United States?

To me it seems as if European customers are the most willing to pay for extra services, while Asian customers make up for the most usage. US customers seem quite over-fed with advertising bringing click rates and ad prices down. Plus, European and US markets face the problem of lower conversion rates as customers still associate mobile with being ripped-off by some strange subscription-based ring tone services.

You’ll be speaking on Dec. 7th at the Mobile Monday event in Switzerland, share with us the topic you’ll be speaking about, and will you be showcasing anything at that event?

The topic of my presentation will be "Keys to successful community growth with mobile" and I will be talking about success factors in mobile social networks, how platforms converge and what challenges and opportunities social services are facing in a changing environment with spoiled customers. One of the highlights I will be showing will be our new and completely refurbished web interface which we hope to be launching in the beginning of 2010.

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