Microsoft is to create an online software store for its Windows Mobile platform.

The move follows similar endeavours, first by Apple with its already launched iPhone App Store and then more recently with Google’s plans to set up an App Market for its Android smartphone platform.

Microsoft’s version of an online store for mobile software – understood to be called Skymarket – was revealed in a job listing Microsoft posted at for a Senior Product Manager to oversee a marketplace service for Windows Mobile.

The platform is a software operating system used on smartphones, version 6.1 of which was launched earlier this year.

With an updated browser it is meant to make the experience of surfing the web on a smartphone more like that of a desktop.

Launch planned for 2009

Skymarket will not be commercially launched until the release of Windows Mobile 7, expected in late 2009.

However, Microsoft is hoping to recruit someone who can handle “driving the cross group collaboration for the initial launch of the marketplace offering to the developer community this fall”.

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