Apple, HTC and Samsung are very popular brands among users, but LG, Nokia and even Sony Ericsson do not even think to give up the fight to attract customers. In terms of smartphones, some would say that Apple is the benchmark, the most successful competitors being Samsung and HTC. But, as past experience shows, this classification does not remain the same forever.

Four years ago mobile phones were the latest fashion, and one of the producers which is now criticized by analysts, was then the absolute leader of the mobile phones market. It is about Nokia. Finns have not yet given up the pursuit of success in the touchscreen segment, which are coming up with the X7 model, a smartphone described as a powerful and aesthetic smartphone, running the latest version of Symbian 3, namely Anna.

LG wants to succeed too and tries through innovative powers to emphasize: LG P920 Optimus 3D is the first mobile phone that can capture images and record video in 3D and play it on display without requiring special glasses. This is definitely a premiere.

But are they offering enough novelties in order to come closer to the success recorded by the renowned producers?

LG Optimus 3D

If there would have been any competition, then LG would have won: South Koreans were able to release the first 3D mobile on the market. The technical benchmark P920 Optimus 3D is available on the market for around $ 800. In addition, in exchange for that price, the customer is offered more than a standard smartphone with 3D functions. Optimus is part of the new upper class mobile telecom.

Nokia X7

With the X7, Nokia enters a scene where are already several candidates. Only HTC has five smartphones with 4-inch or larger screens. Large displays’ charm is revealed very quickly in practice. Whether it’s about games, movies or surfing the Internet, those who held in hand a smartphone with a 4-inch display will hardly like a smaller display. Not only playing multimedia content is more pleasant but also writing and editing text with a virtual keyboard takes advantage of the large surface.

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