With 8-megapixel phone models already causing a stir LG says there’s no reason why camera phones couldn’t replace point-and-shoot cameras.

At a briefing last week in London Jeremy Newing, LG’s UK head of marketing, made this point to Pocket-lint.

While the topic was converging technology, the focus was on LG’s new KC910 mobile phone.

It has an 8-megapixel camera, a host of image and video editing tools, Dolby sound and DivX compatibility.

The megapixel race had switched from camera makers to mobile manufacturers, Pocket-lint’s Katie Scott was told.

The launch of the Samsung i8510 in the UK earlier this month with what was claimed to be Europe’s first 8 megapixel camera phone was seen as an attempt to highlight shortcomings in the iPhone.

A number of other handset vendors are preparing to launch similar high-end camera phones in time for the Christmas period.
Sony Ericsson and Nokia are expected to launch big megapixel handsets in the fall.

The fact Apple’s 3G iPhone only packs a 2 megapixel camera is regarded as one of its key weakness.

John Barton, LG UK’s sales and marketing director, said he has already seen camera phones offering megapixel counts in the double digits.

Among the other treats being envisioned by LG were HD video on your handset and speech recognition GPS technology.

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