Lenovo has big ambitions for mobile devices and puts on the line not less than $800 million to be invested in a new facility whose purpose is research and development in mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets.

The new facility located in Whuan, China, in the coming years will produce tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices addressed to local and global markets. Lenovo’s ambitions aim to achieve a sales figure of $ 1.59 billion by 2014 and five times more in the next five years.

In other words, Lenovo intends to secure its place among the major mobile devices manufacturers and in order to achieve this, the company’s leaders are willing to invest significant amounts, designed to accelerate the company’s ascent.

Lenovo products that will come up from the new factory will be built on the foundations of some very promising models such as the laptop IdeaPad Yoga, the ThinkPad range of laptops and the IdeaPad tablets or LePhone S2 – an interesting Android smartphone.

We must not forget about the agreement reached with Intel, according to which Lenovo can use Intel’s Medfield-core Atom processors for the future range of smartphones.

As for the company’s current presence in the smartphone market, Lenovo occupies an important position on the Chinese market, but it’s a name almost anonymously in Europe or North America. The situation could change dramatically in the near future if the company’s engineers manage to prove imagination and vision in designing new models of smartphones and tablets.

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