Study shows that US iPhone users are five times more likely to access mobile internet than average mobile consumer

The Apple 3G iPhone will change the mobile behaviour of users and alter consumer expectations for phone capabilities.
That’s according to a report by analysts Nielsen Mobile which looks at the worldwide state of the mobile web.

The study says that its growth is due to a combination of increasing numbers of user friendly handsets, higher speed networks and unlimited data packages.
It then goes on to describe the mobile web as having reached a “critical mass” of users this year.

But it singles out the iPhone – despite being the second most popular device among mobile users in the US after Motorola’s RAZR – for special mention.

The report says the device’s impact is amplified by the increased awareness its marketing campaign and buzz has driven.
“As a result, demand for advanced data services and more robust mobile media-focused handsets has increased.

“iPhone users, a small but growing segment of the overall mobile audience, are unique in their mobile behaviour.
“For instance, 82 per cent of iPhone users access the mobile Internet, making them five times as likely to do so as the average mobile consumer.”

The report goes on to say that, so far, the iPhone population had self-selected through price point as early adopters, describing them as “über media consumers”.
But it adds that as the price point lowers for this device and penetration increases to include more average consumers, the high data usage of iPhone users may be diluted.

“At the same time, we expect that the powerful user interface and increasing network speeds will continue to change the behaviours of many iPhone purchasers.
“Fundamentally, the iPhone, and competitive devices, will also affect consumer expectations for phone capabilities.”

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