The iPhone has come top of JD Power’s customer satisfaction study measuring consumer tastes.

The Apple handset ranked highest among smartphone consumers judging five factors: ease of operation, operating system, features, physical design, and battery function.

The only area where the iPhone didn’t score well was for battery life – an issue only too familiar with the devices’ owners.

Overall the iPhone received 791 out of a 1,000-point scale, ahead of LG’s 772 points and Samsung’s 759 points. The trio were the only smartphone to rise above the industry average of 751 points.

Those below the average were mainly companies making Windows Mobile devices, with HTC, Palm and Motorola earning scores of 744, 736 and 659 respectively.

RIM’s BlackBerries also fared significantly lower than Apple with a 739 score.

JD Power said that generally smartphone satisfaction has risen since its last survey in November 2008.

Other findings include the fact that smartphone users send an average of 17 emails a day, and 82 per cent report that they use things like address books and to-do lists to stay organized.

The survey included 2,648 smartphone users who owned their phone for less than two years.

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