The iPhone 5S’s latest fingerprint reader has been mentioned in the news a lot these day. It is the latest addition to the parade of features offered by Apple although Samsung and others competitors may have their say about this. Though it has been been given much hype and has already been publicized, fans and spectators must wait until fall before the fingerprint reader will be unveiled.

For panicky watchers, they will have to wait until the final release is official. Perhaps, there could be changes in the latest software feature that the giant smartphone innovator will reveal during the WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) in June. Some say that the new iPhone might take longer than usual to be released since there could be more updates to be made. The idea of the fingerprint reader innovation was acquired from AuthenTec which is Apple’s security supplier.

Adding fuel to the fire, some sources say that soon the “I” on iPhone would mean identity. Since many users know about Apple’s inclination for solving problems, the company is trying to venture into solving digital identity. Experts say that this might be part of a grand strategy. Undoubtedly, phones are great part of many people’s lives and some individuals cannot function well without them. Apple is up for the challenge and will soon launch the fingerprint technology on their phones.

Experts added that this idea will become at a trillion-dollar valuation by 2020. On the other hand, there is one thing that intrigues sources. It is how Apple will approach this digital identity feature because they cannot figure out if it will work like the FB +2.68% and GOOG -0.96% identity systems.

Apple says that it will allow the user to be in full control of security and how they will handle it. This could work like the slide to unlock feature in many iPhones. It is said that the latest security feature will allow people to choose the level of security they want as well as what situations or maybe even locations in which they would allow identity using their Smartphone. If this idea works, it might be worth the wait for users. Everyone will have to wait and see what Apple is up to this time.

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