HTC announces the 4.7-inch HTC One

HTC has just announced a new smartphone, the HTC One, which brings additional competition for Apple and Samsung on the war of the smartphones with the bigger displays.

There is a trend lately with bigger displays for our smartphone and that is why HTC chose to launch HTC One with a 4.7-inch 1080p display. Apart from the bigger screen, HTC One will have a new imaging sensor, UltraPixel camera as they call it, which has a f/2.0 lens, gathers 300% more light than the usual sensors, but is of only 4MP. However, they are confident enough that their brand new UltraPixel Camera will enhance the pictures taken from smartphones, featuring optical image stabilization and adding the ability to share short videos.

Moreover, HTC is presenting BoomSound, an audio experience that they think it is the best in the market, which is justified by the two front stereo speakers. As for the technical features, it has a quad-core Snapdragon 600, running at 1.7GHz, having a 2GB RAM and allowing storage of 32GB or 64GB. Not to mention that it will support 4G connectivity, as every smartphone that is competitive nowadays. Last but not least, HTC One will sport the new Android Jelly Bean (4.1.2), called Sense 5, which makes the interface simple and nice.

It seems that HTC is determined to get back on the track of Apple and Samsung, trying to fit in between their endless war. And they seem capable of boosting their sales for 2013 with smartphones like this one. They just have to convince the users to trust them once again, instead of choosing Apple or Samsung.

HTC one is expected during March and it will be launched globally, with HTC having already signed with 185 carriers all over the world. We might not know about the price yet, but its launch it's not that far. If you are convinced from the first presentation, just be patient for a while.

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