A recently announced Home SmartPhone S features a unique technology that allows you to call block up to 80% of your unwanted calls. This new smartphone is a follow up from the previous bestselling BT6500 that was the first landline to block nuisance calls.

The new unwanted calls blocking feature allows you to block calls from withheld numbers, international numbers as well as unknown callers. You  also have an option of putting the phone on do not disturb mode, that bars outgoing calls to various numbers, switches off the ringer, blocks premium rate lines as well as  blocks incoming calls from 10 phone numbers.

In the UK, nuisance calls have become a growing concern, with an average of 50,000 calls monthly coming to the advice line. However, since the BT6500 was introduced, the number of calls coming in has gone down by half. A research that was carried out by Ofcom indicates that on average, people receive two nuisance calls every week. It is indicated that more than half of these calls come from insurance companies sourcing for clients.

The new Home Smartphone S now allows users to be in control of the people they want to talk to. It also allows them to look up cont acts and make chats via calls, email or Facebook. The new smartphone is available for sale in selected stores.

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