The first official phone with Android was HTC Dream, also called T-Mobile G1. After over one year since the launch of HTC Dream, has appeared Nexus One, and after some time came Nexus S. These three terminals are the only Android devices branded Google, although they were produced by HTC and Samsung, respectively.

Even if there were no significant differentiation from other Android smartphones, they were closer to the soul of giant Google, regardless of the producing company. Each brought a new version of the so popular operating system and along with the approaching of 4.0 version of Android, the company seems to prepare a new version of the popular Nexus series under the name of Nexus Prime.

The next smartphone from Google will be produced by Samsung. South Korean corporation is going to put on the Nexus Prime impressive hardware: Super AMOLED screen of 4.5 inches with 1280 x 720 pixels resolution and dual-core processor at 1.5 GHz. The 8-megapixel camera will have capabilities of shooting Full HD 1080p as Samsung Galaxy S II. Internal storage capacity will be 16 GB.

The great preview related to this terminal will be the operating system, rumors suggesting that it will be the first smartphone running on Android 4.0, codenamed “Ice Cream Sandwich". Samsung & Google's Nexus Prime could be officially presented during the IFA meeting (September 2-7, 2011), and a month later would hit the stores.

A launch in October makes us think of one thing: the fierce competition with iPhone 5, which will reach the stores in the same period. It will be a race against time for the long-awaited Apple smartphone versus the new Nexus handset, though if Google follows its usual strategy we won’t see too many operators selling the dual-core handset.

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