British telecom operator BT sued Google in the United States for infringement of patents in areas such as mobile access to maps, Reuters.

BT has launched the action in a court in Delaware. The complaint refers to six patents that would have been violated by, according to BT, by services such as, Maps, Music, Advertising, and other products.

"It’s about protecting BT’s investment in intellectual property and innovation. We think we have a solid case," said in a statement the British group.

In the telecommunications industry are currently taking place numerous conflicts on patents, while the number of operators, mobile phone manufacturers and content providers try to offer attractive services such as accessing the maps or entertainment.

Google Group is already involved in several disputes with companies such as, and A Google spokesman said the allegations are without foundation.

BT announced that it has a total portfolio of approximately 5,600 patents and applications in the past financial year and demanded protection by patents of 62 inventions.

The British group is the fifth largest company that sued Google for patent infringement.

In August, Google announced that an agreement was reached regarding the takeover of Mobility for $ 12.5 billion, the largest acquisition in its history, partly to protect themselves from aggressive legal attacks. Motorola is one of the largest portfolios of patents in the mobile phone industry.

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