In a world dominated by technology and internet, it seems that not even the auto fairs are deprived of promotion and marketing campaigns for the new applications for smartphones.

In the attempt of promoting the idea of SmartCar, each carmaker is struggling to demonstrate its efforts through a useful, fast and of high performance application.

Ford's SYNC system will allow the driver to make voice commands to the phone, to hear a voice that reads the text messages received or to listen to the favorite music through the car speakers. In case of an accident, the same system will call 911 and will send the coordinates of the event over to the phone operator. This technology will be implemented starting with Ford’s new range of family cars.

Although all manufacturers seemed interested in this trend – currently in a continuous process of popularization –, there were people in charge, probably because of the great efforts required. In terms of location information security there were also several uproars, fortunately most programmers trying as much as possible to give users the option to take into consideration the preferences of the most reluctant people to this technology as well.

To define a trend related to smartphone applications, Pitt Moos, Product Manager at Electric Cars Division of Smart, explained that currently the priority is an interface to allow users to see the current level of battery for example and only after to check the Facebook page.

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