Flipboard has just announced its next generation of mobile video advertising – Video Ads with Cinema Loop. With this launch the company is taking a new approach to autoplay for native video advertising, giving brands the attention-grabbing benefits of autoplay while solving for user frustrations in adjusting volume while important moments in the video are missed.

With Cinema Loop, video ads use an animated, eye-catching moment from the advertiser’s video to capture viewers’ attention, but the full video doesn’t start until the viewer taps play.

The first campaign with the new Video Ads with Cinema Loop is for gaming company Machine Zone’s Game of War.

“Data shows that when users actively select to watch a video there’s higher brand lift created than in typical autoplay scenarios. Cinema Loop is designed to spark interest, encouraging the viewer to watch the whole video. And because this is hand-selected clip from the campaign video, Cinema Loop is a simple but powerful approach,” said Dave Huynh, head of advertising products at Flipboard.

Flipboard’s Cinema Loop is created using the most impactful three-to-eight-second segment from the campaign video. When a user decides to watch, the video and audio start from the beginning, giving the full impact of the ad creative.

Flipboard has over 70 million monthly users.

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