ERCOM Launches Secure SMS

ERCOM, a secure communication solutions provider, announced that it has upgraded Cryptosmart Mobile Suite with secure SMS feature.

Launched in 2008, Cryptosmart Mobile Suite is a patent based and certified solution for mobile communications that protects both voice and data transmission, encrypts data stored on the device, and blocks MMS, SMS and internet attacks.

It is dedicated to governments and corporations to help them communicate in a confident manner.

New Secure SMS brings three major security attributes:
• Confidentiality : SMS are encrypted
• Integrity : users are sure that the SMS has not been modified
• Authenticity : the sender identification cannot be falsified

“Secure SMS is complementary to secure data. Indeed, professional users continue to use SMS for some of their communications. There is no need to have any email address. Moreover, there are some cases where users do not have access to data networks (poor mobile coverage, lack of data roaming agreement, etc.),” according to the company.

The Cryptosmart is compliant with all existing networks such as mobile networks (2G, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, LTE), satellite networks (Inmarsat, Thuraya, Eutelssat), and wireless IP networks (Wifi, Wimax). It is based on EAL2+ and common criteria technology.

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